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jira swimlanes

You could use swimlanes to help you distinguish tasks from different workstreams, You must be a JIRA administrator or a board administrator for the board to. You may want to create additional swimlanes which map to other values of your JIRA 'Priority' field, or use a different field to categorise your swimlanes (see. Solved: Hi everybody, i'm evaluating JIRA Agile and i'm looking how i could group issues in swimlanes. I would like to group the issues of a.


JIRA Agile: Create New Kanban Board and Make it Visible I don't see a way to do that easily, which is odd wimmelbilder kostenlos deutsch online spielen that shoudl be a key componenet of a kanban board. If you want to change the order of the swimlanes on your board, navigate to the Backlog of the board and drag and drop the jira swimlanes as desired. Sam Hearn Oct 29, Change the name of a swimlane Click in the Name area of the swimlane, modify the existing name and click the Update button. It acts as a "catch-all" for issues that do not match the JQL of any of the swimlanes above it, hence it has no JQL specified. jira swimlanes

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I like this option, it may well be more of a best practices solution too. I want to basically divide the board in two and allow the team to work on something until they are done and then put it into the queue for the next step in the process. How to groups issues in JIRA Agile swimlanes? Less scrum, more kanban. They all just auto fall under the one that auto shows up.