What does lunge mean

what does lunge mean

A sudden thrust or pass, as with a sword. 2. A sudden forward movement or plunge. v. lunged, lung·ing, lung·es. freeonlineslotplay.review 1. To make a sudden thrust or pass. 2. Lunge definition, a sudden forward thrust, as with a sword or knife; stab. In effect, what I did was lunge and force the issue, thereby ruining the mood. The Love  ‎ Lunged · ‎ Lungee · ‎ Lungeous · ‎ Lunger. lunge meaning, definition, what is lunge: to move forward suddenly and with force, especially in order to attack someone. Learn more. what does lunge mean


What does lunge line mean?

What does lunge mean - haften

Finally in a furious onset of lunge and parry Robin's foot stepped on a rolling stone, and he went down upon his knees. Search from your browser Add Cambridge Dictionary to your browser in a click! Lotsa space for your liquids. Quotes References Rhymes Scripts Symbols Synonyms Zip Codes. To move or advance against strong resistance: A " dance move" commonly used by actress Kerry Ellis. Company Home About News Press Awards Testimonials. Mowgli could never learn the guard for that lightning lungeand, as Kaa said, there was not the least use in trying. Martin's Summer Rafael Sabatini. Web News Encyclopedia Images Context. Something you do when you would like to party and work out at book of fra2 same time.